International Media Awards 2012, Interviews

A collection of interviews from the International Media Awards.

Interviewees include prizewinners, Jeremy Bowen, Paul Wood, Gideon Levy, Hillel Schenker, Ziad Abuzayyad, Sherine Tadros, Roger Cohen and Hiwa Osman as well as organisers William Morris and Dalia Salaam Rishani.

International Media Awards 2012, Paul Wood

The BBC’s Paul Wood receives the Cutting Edge award at the International Media Awards ceremony in London on the 5th of May 2012. The award was presented for his insightful journalism and powerful news reports filed form some of the most dangerous places in the world.

International Media Awards 2012, Jeremy Bowen

BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen receives a Peace Through Media Award at the International Media Awards in London. The prize was awarded for his integrity and consistently high standards of journalism throughout a long and varied career with the BBC.

International Media Awards 2012, Hillel Schenker and Ziad Abuzayyad

Israeli academic Hillel Schenker and Palestinian academic Ziad Abuzayyad both receiving a joint Outstanding Contribution to Peace Award at the 2012 International Media Awards ceremony in London. The pair were honoured for the work in promoting peace and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians, particularly with reference to their work in setting up the Palestine Israel Journal.

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